Life Insurance - An Often Overlooked Financial Tool!

Have you lost value in your retirement or savings accounts in the last several market downturns? Have you recovered? If yes, how long did it take? Do you anticipate more losses in the future? Have you caught yourself wondering whether you will have sufficient funds for emergencies, opportunities or retirement income to continue your current living standard? If so, you are not alone. In fact, having enough retirement income or emergency money are two of the leading concerns facing Americans today.

Life Insurance is a time-tested financial tool that lets you grow your money safely and predictably, even when stocks, real estate and other investments tumble. If your goal is to safely grow and protect your hard-earned money and have a secure retirement you can predict and count on, Life Insurance is an excellent decision.

Creating your Life Insurance policy, with the following major features, will help you put those concerns behind you:

  • Cash Value accumulation
  • Income Tax Favored Growth of Cash Value
  • Competitive Current Rate of Return
  • Lifelong Income Options
  • Easy Access to Cash Values, Tax Free, through Withdrawals and/or Loans
  • Transfers Income Tax Free to Beneficiaries
  • Probate Free for Beneficiaries
  • Privacy of ALL Transactions
  • Money in the event of medical conditions, chronic or terminal illness

Additionally, your Life Insurance cannot be outlived and would:

  • Have virtually unlimited funding,
  • Not be capped by individual or family income levels,
  • Compound tax-free,
  • Have tax-free distributions1 that may be used for:
    • Medical conditions, chronic or terminal illness2,
    • To fund education for you children and/or grandchildren,
    • To start a business,
    • To fund your retirement, a vacation, and/or
    • To purchase a home, car, boat, major appliances, et cetera
  • Transfer tax-free to loved ones,
  • Have no risk to principal,
  • Have premiums made for you if you become sick or injured.

1Government Accounting Office Document 148632 January 1990 (Tax Treatment of Life Insurance and Annuity Accrued Interest)

2Check on the tax-free distribution with your state on this statement