Life Insurance: A Savings Program

We are all aware of the value life insurance provides to your family or business upon your death. Are you aware of the value life insurance provides single individuals with no dependents? You may ask: What value? How can that be?

Think about Life Insurance as a SAVINGS PROGRAM that compounds TAX FREE and the CASH VALUE (EQUITY) can be used TAX FREE. If your life policy is structured correctly you have the following features:

  • Virtually Unlimited Funding
  • TAX FREE Compounding (Growth)
  • Security to Owner, Spouse and/or Family Members
  • Is NOT Capped by Individual Income
  • If You Become Sick/Injured/Disabled – Insurance Company Pays Premiums
  • Provides CASH in the event of Medical Conditions, Chronic or Terminal Illness
  • NO Downside Risk
  • You are qualified for an equity loan upon contract issue
  • TAX FREE Distributions can be used to:
    • Fund Education
    • Start a Business
    • Fund Retirement, a Vacation and/or
    • Purchase a Home, Vehicle, Boat, Furniture, Major Appliances, Art, etc.
  • Cannot be Outlived

If you are single and want to be philanthropic, you can make charities, schools, hospitals, other organizations or combination the recipient of the tax free death benefit of your life policy.

YES, Life Insurance has value to single individuals, as well as families, and can make you a hero to whomever you name as your beneficiary or beneficiaries.